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This is what you need to know about high school diplomas January 28, 2015

This is what you need to know about high school diplomas

You may be wondering just how long it will take for you to get a high school diploma; well, the answer depends on certain things and the high school credit you have is one of them. In most states, a high school program takes four years with 9-12 grades. Each year comprises of 9 months of schooling. Therefore, student are enrolled in high school for 36 schooling months which is equivalent to 3 years. Also see Northgate Academy for online Christian High School.

high school diploma

high school diploma

However, someone who has already taken some of the high school courses and just wants a GED study then takes an exam may take fewer months hence graduate faster. Also, some high schools do not limit class time and you can attend your classes full time including the weekends hence finish faster.

Also, you can choose to study online which offers more flexibility than physically attending classes. You will also have independence but this can only work if you are a self-structuring and dedicated learner. The time it will take to complete will depend on the number of classes you are taking, the classes you have already taken and if you are willing to study even during summer.

However, be on the lookout for high schools that claim you can earn a diploma based on your life experience or in a few days. Schools offering quick high school diploma are most probably fake and not recognized by the state. The reality on getting a legitimate high school diploma is that you need to have earned between 18-24 credits depending on the diploma program.

Acquiring knowledge takes time and there is no way you can master three years of school work in just a few days. You have to put the time, money and effort in to getting a legitimate high school diploma. Do not be made to believe that high school diplomas can be delivered the next day after ordering.

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Advantages Of High School Online Classes January 19, 2015

Advantages Of High School Online Classes

Over four million of people attend high school online classes today and the number of growing increasingly by 30% over the past year. Many people have different arguments about online classes today with various speculations. The following are the highly cited advantages of enrolling to high school online classes.

High school online classes

High school online classes

When someone enrolls he or she can attend classes at their own preferable time, from any location just connecting to the internet using a phone or a personal computer. This is so helpful because a lot a student can be able to do their other work without the need of going to class physically.

Online classes enable students to be more engaged due to the centered methodology teaching approach used. Every person has his or her own way of learning and which work best for someone. Thus, while doing online classes a student gets what they wish while they are learning.

Online classes are important because when someone misses a class in the traditional system of learning materials and lectures taught are sometimes not available. However, in online classes material is accessible at any time when students want to use it. Online classes as well offers students ability to do discussions, comments, explanations and to read and re-read lectures.

High school online classes also allow students to access knowledge that can’t be got from books.Also it gives students an experience by exposing them to elements of how to apply concepts in real life business situations. This is because instructors come with vast knowledge from all over the globe.

Online classes also have no geographical barriers a student can attend a class form any location across the world.This offers students a chance to access diverse course materials that might not be available to them from the regions they come from. It is has a lot of collections which gives someone a lot of knowledge.

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With technological advancement, it is not a basic requirement to attend lectures physically in institution for you to get a degree. Among the most popular online degree that you can take are online business degree. The challenge begins when you embark on the quest to search for the best online degree available. It’s a huge task to differentiate. When choosing an online business degree course, there are many factors that you should consider. This blog will take you through the most important ones.

 online business degree

online business degree


There is no standard curriculum that is shared between online business degree programs. The degree name might be the same, but the curriculum and course in each program can be different. Some programs will offer very well planned and excellent courses that will prepare the learners well in specific areas. Others may be too general. Before you decide to sign up for any online business program make sure you evaluate the curriculum well.


There are agencies that accredit online business degree programs. That doesn’t not imply that all online business degree programs are accredited. There are probably as many unaccredited programs as there are accredited ones. Accreditation is a sign of compliance with the requirements and competence. Accredited programs are more likely to offer quality education. It will help you sort out the best programs from the many programs that populate the internet.

Learning environment.

The learning environment, just like the curriculum, varies in different programs. In most cases, online business degree programs are offered through software platforms. The academic resources are provided through the software. They include; tutorials, forums and chat rooms. This environment might not be conducive for everyone. You should therefore consider whether the environment is okay for you.


The costs involved in earning an online business degree vary. The cost might to be a big challenge e to those with high income, but if you have limited financial resources at your disposal, you should carefully weigh the fees that are associated with the online business degree courses. If it is a scholarship program, you should worry about the costs. If otherwise, you should know how you will raise the required amount. Take time to calculate what you will afford to pay for.


Online business degree is offered within a given duration of time. You should ensure that you are comfortable with the time the course has been allocated. Make sure you do not have other major commitments that might hinder you from fully concentrating on the learning process. You should also ensure that the time of the day that you are required to interact with the course facilitators will be convenient for you. Have a schedule that will give you an ample time to study for your online business degree.

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Online Business Degree October 4, 2014

Thinking about Earning an Online Business Degree?


If you have ever thought about going back to college, you have obviously also considered the time commitment and time involved in earning a college degree online.

In a resent USA Today article, the author predicted that 75% of the business colleges in the US would close due to their inability to adjust their model to offer an accredited, affordable and convenient business degree online. This holds true to Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees in Business and also with MBA (Master of  Business Administration) degrees.

Many colleges and universities and trying to make progress by taking their programs online and lowering tuition costs. This is the only way these institutions will survive.

Recently Rasmussen College recently lowered their tuition costs by 50%. Overnight they cut their tuition prices in half. How is this possible, unless they were over charging in the first place? You will need a high school diploma from an accredited online high school to qualify for FAFSA.

Most adults are finding that earning a college degree is 100% required if you are ever going to succeed in the work place. A high school diploma today is just not enough. A college degree is the new high school diploma of days gone by.

Excel College offers an affordable online business degree  at the bachelor degree level for under $ 5,000 and an MBA for about $ 3,000. This is what college tuition should look like moving forward. No need for Federal financial aid. Likewise Excel High School offers high school diploma online programs.


online business degree students


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