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Online Business Degree October 4, 2014

Thinking about Earning an Online Business Degree?


If you have ever thought about going back to college, you have obviously also considered the time commitment and time involved in earning a college degree online.

In a resent USA Today article, the author predicted that 75% of the business colleges in the US would close due to their inability to adjust their model to offer an accredited, affordable and convenient business degree online. This holds true to Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees in Business and also with MBA (Master of  Business Administration) degrees.

Many colleges and universities and trying to make progress by taking their programs online and lowering tuition costs. This is the only way these institutions will survive.

Recently Rasmussen College recently lowered their tuition costs by 50%. Overnight they cut their tuition prices in half. How is this possible, unless they were over charging in the first place? You will need a high school diploma from an accredited online high school to qualify for FAFSA.

Most adults are finding that earning a college degree is 100% required if you are ever going to succeed in the work place. A high school diploma today is just not enough. A college degree is the new high school diploma of days gone by.

In the busyness of life, most adults will find it impossible to find time to attend a traditional college, but adult learners will have options.  Completing a degree online will be a great solution for most mid-level adults seeking to earn a bachelor or master degree online. The owner of Height Increasing Shoes just completed an online degree in business.

Excel College offers an affordable online business degree  at the bachelor degree level for under $ 5,000 and an MBA for about $ 3,000. This is what college tuition should look like moving forward. No need for Federal financial aid. Likewise Excel High School offers high school diploma online programs.


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