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View Top Bar Bees Hive Pictures. They are especially useful in areas where resources are limited, but are also increasingly popular among hobby beekeepers in industrialized nations. Actually they were developed in greece thousands of years answer:

The Survivalist's Guide to Raising Honey Bees
The Survivalist's Guide to Raising Honey Bees from

Both types of top bar bee hive have the advantage of being relatively simple to construct yourself, assuming you have some basic woodwork skills, and both can be relatively cost effective to make. The bees, on the other hand, tend to prefer the top bar hive. Conventional beehives, however, work less in favor of the bees.

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No foundation is required, but the hive should be elevated off the ground with some sort of stand. A wide variety of top bar. Question:top bar hives were developed in africa right? Shake package bees from top bar hives, easier than you might think.