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View Diy Top Bar Bee Hive Images. How the bars fit in the body of the hive. A top bar beehive is a single story frameless beehive where the comb hangs from removable wooden bars.

Beekeeping Methods: Top-Bar Hives | DIY
Beekeeping Methods: Top-Bar Hives | DIY from

Not just a different beehive, but a whole new way of looking at beekeeping. Diy succulent planter by jindrasykora in decorating. This bee project should cost you around $200 dollars total and approx.

2020 dumpster fire ornament by bluefreckles in felt.

Your bees in your beehive will construct their nest in very much the same way. Top bar beehives are known now as one of the most economical ways to keep bees, and they require no heavy lifting and no extra equipment, such as supers, foundation, or extractors. A top bar beehive (aka: Top bar hives have been around for centuries.