Some Truly Odd Marriage Laws

Marriage is a lifetime commitment to that certain special someone. In this sense, it couldn’t be more traditional. However, despite the romance, it’s a legal bond and some of the laws governing marriage are a little bit “out there”. Today, we want to amuse, educate and entertain you, by providing information about a few truly weird marriage laws.

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Is Marriage By Proxy Right for You?


If you’re in the American Armed Forces, you may not realize that you have the option of choosing a proxy for your wedding! This means that another person may stand in for you, whether you’re the bride or groom. This practice was put into place in order to help Armed Forces members who aren’t able to be present at their weddings. However, this weird marriage law is only applicable in a group of USA states, which are Montana, Texas, Kansas, California and Colorado. In Montana, it’s actually possible to have “double proxy” nuptials. This means that both parties can have proxies.


This Saudi Arabian Law Is a Bit Bizarre


In Saudi Arabia, male citizens aren’t permitted to get married to ladies from a select few countries and these nations are Myanmar, Pakistan, Chad and Bangladesh. According to reports, this weird marriage law was created in order to stop guys in Saudi Arabia from marrying “expats”. Clearly, the powers-that-be in Saudi Arabian want men from Saudi Arabian to get hitched to Saudi women! This law is a real restriction of personal freedom and it’s bound to have rubbed some men in Saudi Arabia the wrong way!


Not Sure this Law Really Has Teeth to It


In beautiful Vermont, USA, an arcane marriage law forbids women from donning false teeth unless they ask permission from their spouses first. It’s hard to know what lawmakers were thinking before they put this truly weird marriage law into place. Also, who is out there enforcing it? It seems like lawmakers go off on a tangent sometimes and create laws for no good reason. This one is particularly strange. Some people consider it to be very “anti-woman” and it’s hard to argue with that take on things.


This Arkansas Marriage Law is Barbaric


The most unsettling marriage law on our list is an Arkansas law which permits men to beat up their own spouses…but only once per month! If you want to live under marriage laws which are straight out of the Dark Ages, then Arkansas may be your American state of choice when it comes to getting married. The law has been around since the 1800s. Back then, wife beating seemed to be the norm. It was actually something that society encouraged guys to do. It was regarded as a privilege of being male.


Marriage is Serious Business


As you can see, there are tons of laws governing marriage and some of them are silly, sexist and just plain wrong. Marriage is a legal tie that should be carefully considered before it’s undertaken. Over fifty percent of marriages in the USA end in divorce, although weird marriage laws aren’t usually the reason why marriages fail. The biggest causes of divorce are money problems, infidelity and poor communication. Getting out of a marriage can be tough. Divorce laws are complex, just like marriage laws are.


Now that you know about four of the weirdest marriage laws, you’ve got the inside scoop on how certain places handle the business side of marriage – even if these are mostly obscure cases more or less unknown to modern citizens. This is really only the tip of the iceberg so let us know if the comments if your state or country has some odd regulations concerning “the big day”.


And let us know if you would be cool with someone standing in for you at your own wedding!



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