Personal Development Tactics You’re Probably Not Using

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There’s nothing simple or straightforward about trying to find ways to reinvent yourself, to improve your life, and to lead the kind of lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of.


Reshaping the way we think, the way we act, and the kinds of decisions that we make on a minute by minute basis is tough work. That’s why so few people find a way to escape the gravity of our habits and our “old decisions”, and why so many people resist and fight change with every ounce of energy that they have.


At the same time, we now know that there are only a handful of small but fundamental changes you have to make in your life to overhaul almost every aspect of your day to day lifestyle. With just a couple of simple habits, you’re able to make your transformation a lot easier – and you can hit the ground running with these simple and straightforward personal development tactics below.


Embrace That You Are Your Greatest Motivator


Nothing is going to get done without sufficient motivation, but far too many of us look for motivation from the outside rather than looking to ourselves to give us the “kick in the pants” we need to really rock and roll.

By understanding that you are the only one that can truly motivate yourself, and that you are the only one that can alter your attitude and your perception so that you have every chance of success, you are able to unleash the kind of personal development potential that you are after with far greater effectiveness.

Yes, it’s easier to have accountability and someone holding your feet to the flames, so maybe as a compromise put a productivity app to work for you.



Visualization is an Insider Secret all Top Performers Utilize


Every truly successful individual, from the highest levels of athletics to the board room and everything in between, has mentioned that visualization is a huge part of their success, and you’d be crazy not to take advantage of everything that visualization stands to offer you moving forward.


There’s only enough time in each day to get in a bit of physical practice, regardless of the kinds of skills you are looking to develop or to hone, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get excellent results by visualizing yourself going through those same practice sessions when you can’t do so physically.


A college basketball team recently tried a novel new approach to developing the perfect free throw shot. The team was split into three groups – a control group that didn’t practice free throws at all, a group that practiced free throws for an hour each day, and a group that practiced free throws through visualization for an hour each day without physically shooting them.


After a six-week trial, those that practiced physically shooting free throws for an hour each day were able to increase their success rate by nearly 60% – not too shocking.  What is surprising is that those who never practiced free shots on the court but instead used visualization techniques for an hour each day were able to increase their success rate by a whopping 45%!

(As expected, those who didn’t practice at all continue to shoot at about the same.)


There’s a tremendous amount of leverage in visualization that makes it worth a try.  Similarly there are other types of manifestation techniques, usually coupled with some kind of meditation approach.  Cosmic Ordering is one.  Basically you write down or otherwise draw up your goals, meditate upon and stay mindful of them until they become reality (okay, that’s the short version!)  There are some good books on the subject and if you’ve historically been challenged by staying focused in meditation check into guided meditations for cosmic ordering with binaural beats and other brainwave stimulation components – it’s the easy way to get the desired effect.


Get Real about Failure


It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have any real measure of ongoing growth and success without some failure along the way, and the sooner you embrace the fact that failure isn’t just possible but inevitable – and you commit to learn from each and every stumble – the sooner you are able to accelerate your path toward achieving goals.


Only those that are able to overcome the fear of failure have the best chances at sustained success. Use failure as a learning lesson and a positive steppingstone towards what you are trying to achieve, rather than allowing performance anxiety to keep you on the sideline and never pursuing your dreams.


The worst failure isn’t striving for something and coming up short, but never attempting to achieve what you know you are capable of in the first place.


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  1. I can attest to the power of all three. No one is going to motivate you to do something more than you can. Let’s face it, when you want to learn something new or make a change in your life, chances are, it’s because you realized it was time (barring a court mandate). Visualization is a great tool too. When I studied martial arts, my instructor told me to practice mentally and physically. Visualize the moves and they’re still with me 20 years later. As for failure, it may sound cliched, but failure is your best teacher (although some would argue learning from someone else’s failure is even better).

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