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View Top Bar Hive Bars PNG. Top bar hives are a style of man made beehive that is based on a cavity covered with sticks or slats usually of wood. A top bar hive or a langstroth hive?

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No foundation is required, but the hive should be elevated off the ground with some sort of stand. The beekeeper can open the hive from either end and look through the combs, but you cannot pull up a comb in the middle of the hive first without working your way to it. Bees getting ready to swarm on a top bar hive.

I had three roofs built for my own tbh before i got one i could actually handle by myself.

The top bars just lay on top of the hive foundation frame. A tbh is nothing more than a cavity with tb's and bees. Top bar hives (or versions of them) are commonly used in africa, but also have a fair number of users in the usa and europe too. My dad's hives are set up so that we can stand and work the hives without bending over.