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View Best Angle For Top Bar Hive Gif. Top bar hives are beautiful in simplicity. They are the minimum needed for a movable comb hive.

New Cathedral Top Bar Hives!!
New Cathedral Top Bar Hives!! from

It covers the basic ideas developed by wyatt a. Suspension using wires or other suitable material is the best protection for top bar hives against predators, and pests that may prey on honey bees and hive resources such as ants. Note the viewing window on the left of the photo (as well as bees and comb).

The top bar hive is the oldest hive design in the world.

With langsroth frames with foundation it is very easy to inspect both sides of a frame. But it's a good idea to have some method of closing the bottom of. Learn how the best top bar hive is actually comprised of an entire system that includes beekeeping education, tools, equipment & ongoing beekeeper support. offers 823 top bar bee hive products.