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Get Bar Countertop Height Standard Background. Standard counter stool heights are typically lower, around 24 inches, designed to fit under kitchen counters. Find outdoor kitchen counter heights, bar serve counter dimensions, bar stool heights and related information for designing an outdoor cooking area.

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This will ensure that you have the. In general, the standard bar height is 42 inches, but kitchen bar height does vary. The standard counter height is around 36 inches, including countertop material.

Scott cohen, owner of the green scene, recommends designing if your countertop will have bar stools next to it, choose your bar stools ahead of time and let the height of the seat dictate your countertop height.

Find out what the standard height is for countertops and more. Short, counter height, bar height, and extra tall. Some bars are 36 inches high the height of a regular kitchen counter while others feature a raised element that what is the standard bar counter height? I am asked often about the standard height of a countertop in a kitchen and a bathroom.