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Download Top Bar Hive Width PNG. A look at a beautifully made top bar hive made by paul macdonald. This blog post was originally published on honey bee heroes, and was written by christy hemenway.

The Insider's Guide To Types Of Beehive
The Insider's Guide To Types Of Beehive from

There are pictures of top bar nucs and hives, warre nucs, sam harvesting honey from his top bar hive, transferring a top bar nuc to a full size hive and more. I followed various links on bee blogs and found myself browsing the dave loveless site, an alaskan beekeeper. Top bar hives have been around for centuries.

It features individual bars laid across the top of the hive cavity.

My favorite thing about the tbh is that i don't have to do any heavy lifting and i can place the hive at the perfect height for me to manage it by adjusting the legs. Top bar hives are a style of man made beehive that is based on a cavity covered with sticks or slats usually of wood. They are especially useful in areas where resources are limited, but are also increasingly popular among hobby beekeepers in industrialized nations. The bees build their comb down from these bars naturally, without the use of a 4 sided frame or foundation.