Download Gnome 3 Top Bar PNG

Download Gnome 3 Top Bar PNG. Simply because i would like to be able to access my programs from a menu without to have just what i needed. My panel (tray, taskbar, launcher bar) at the top of the screen has become crowded with shortcuts, etc., and i can't figure out how to remove them.

Beginner GNOME 3 Desktop Usage Guide
Beginner GNOME 3 Desktop Usage Guide from

In the top bar, only day and time is shown. I am trying to delete the top bar all together and move the date , internet icon ,sound and power buttton to the show application page. You will have no top panel nor left panel anymore, with panel on bottom along with its system tray.

But your theme may use the following classes to detect when the panel should be transparent or gradient :

But you can easily do it with an this is known as dynamic top bar. The name of the currently focused application. Extension that make the top bar transparent when no window is maximized. The date and time settings allow the time to be shown in 24 hour or am/pm style.