18+ Hide Top Bar Safari Pictures

18+ Hide Top Bar Safari Pictures. How do i keep the top address bar in safari showing all the time? Tapping back in the content dismisses them again.

How to Hide the Tab Bar in Safari on an iPhone 6 Plus ...
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Want to hide the address bar in mobile safari? But if using safari's bookmarks menu is sufficient and you'd like to maximize your ipad screen for website displays, you can hide your bookmark bar. Native applications don't have address bars so why should your app?

Here's how to add and remove items to your liking.

After doing some research, i realized it was a fairly common complaint, referred to by some as the ios viewport scroll bug. It hides when i scroll, so i have to scroll up or tap it to use anything on it. However, you might want to show or hide it and you suddenly you can't figure out how to. You may think hiding the address bar within the mobile browser is difficult but you'd be surprised how simple it is.