10+ Top Bar Hive Baggie Feeder Pictures

10+ Top Bar Hive Baggie Feeder Pictures. Note the air bubble that forms along the top of the bag. Comes with hardware to assemble and 2 baggies.

Top Bar Feeder - BeeManiacs
Top Bar Feeder – BeeManiacs from beemaniacs.com

Bag is filled with syrup and placed on the frame below the inner cover. Spray it with a little water to get them interested in eating it and to get it clumped so the house bees don't carry it out. The bees will draw a comb from the bottom of each bar (no frames or foundation here).

The entrance can be a slit in the front or a few holes in the side.

A tbh is nothing more than a cavity with tb's and bees. Everything is straightforward and fairly easy to manage. Feeding syrup supports your bees while they're getting established in their new home. I inspected my langstroth hive to find it full of.